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 Kanto Starters 
Obsidian X
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Can you all remember the first time Oak asked you to pick your first Pokemon? The moment that would hinge your Pokemon journey for the rest of your Pokemon career? Who to choose? Will the four legged one prove strongest, or will the cute one charm it's foes? Even better, the little lizard is rumoured to have dragon blood.

I remember the choices well...


This cute little Pokemon was the first of choices. A little Grass/Poison combo, as many Grass types were in those days, and was argued to be the best to star off with. With a powerful Vine Whip attack that could be learnt relatively early in terms of Pokemon life, this little critter was able to swee away the first two gyms easily. It's evolution line allowed it to evolve faster than the other two, and it had an arsenal of status inflicting moves. Though there were easy replacements later on in the game, such as Oddish or Bellsprout, many chose Bulbasaur down to it's versitality.


The most tricky of Pokemon starters, but possibly the most rewarding. Back in "the day," the type known as Steel didn't exist, so the useful Metal Claw technique was lost in this Pokemon, making the first two gyms, and many others after, exceedingly difficult to overcome. Other Pokemon in the surrounding areas were more than useful though, and when it finally reached Level 36 and you were faced with a Charizard...well, I know it was the highlight of my Pokemon career. The final move it could learn though was more than dissapointing, but Fire Spin became more popular in the later generations.


Least liked of all of the starters, mainly because it is on a middleground of sorts. Like Bulba, it sorts out the first gym with little problems. But like Char, it struggles with the second gym, and the third, and the's final evo, Blastoise, though wonderfully tankish, has weak offensive moves, and is more likely to be used as the main Surfer of your team, and maybe the one you teach Strength. However, early water types in the game were more than rare, not counting the overly priced Magikarp at the mouth of Mt. Moon, and to try and find another would have to wait until you got the Super Rod or Good Rod from Fuschia or the Snorlax Route.

Which Pokemon did you all choose? I chose Squirtle to begin with, but after my darling sister overwrote my game data, I chose a Charmander after hearing of my friend's cool CHarizard.

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Ahh Memorys...
I chose Charmander as he looked the coolest at the time and was thinking of starting a new game till he evolved into Charazard the NonDragon-Dragon.

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Well. Back before I got a gameboy, much less a pokemon game, I was hooked on TCG. I hated to battle; I was a collecter. I was hooked on Charizard. It looked awesome and was one of the best cards.

My friend felt sorry for me for not having a gameboy, lol, so he gave me a GBC, Red, and yellow. I started up red and never even considered not chosing Charmander.

Plus the bulby and squirtle sprites suck. Charmander's rocks!
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I started with squirtle because i think it is adorable ,and my favorite type is water.

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The Agitated Antelope

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I chose the very cute Squirtle. It's so cute, and Blastoise looked amazing too.
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It was Bulbasaur for me. I loved Grass pokemon at the time, and heck throughout my life playing the games I chose the grass starters on all of em. all thanks to The Cute and Powerful Blubasaur.

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I've always liked sweepers. And which starter is better at that then Charizard? He learned Flamethrower, then I taught him Swords Dance from Silph Co. (Island 7 in FR/LG), Earthquake (Silph? FR/LG Giovanni), and Fly (Lady near the Snorlax). Power up with Swords Dance, then obliterate the entire team with my all powerful Charizard.
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i took Bulbasaur because he looked the best and i love grass pokemon
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i chossed bulbasaur because its being so power full now my venusaur is like this
hold:quick claw or amulet coin
solarbaem giga drain eathquake and slugde bomb
is good memoryes
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