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 How To Write a Good Fanfic 
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Okay, I am writing this so that those of you who will be creating a fanfic will have a vague idea of what to do and what not to do.

1 ) You MUST have good grammar, otherwise people like me will get so enraged at having to decipher your words that they will end up screaming in anguish. The occaisional typo or common spelling mistake (such as confusion between there or their, or your you're) won't be terrible, but re reading it can help this.

2 ) Try and have a vague idea of where the story is going. Don't start writing and then find you don't have a plot at all, finally requesting for it to be locked and let it fall into the past.

3 ) Write the right amount. It's no fun if you read a promising bit of fiction and find there's only a paragraph. Equally, a chunk of text can completely put a potential reader off. Try going for a chapter-a-post so that it will keep the reader satisfied, but looking forward to the next bit.

4 ) Assuming that you take this advice and write your fic in chapters, try to have an equal amount of dialogue and action. It would be a very boring scene in a Pokemon battle without the two trainers taunting one another, or occaisionally making a comment about the other trainer's battling style.

5 ) Writing can become boring if there is little description, but equally as boring if there is too much description. You need to find a nice balance, whereby you make sure the reader knows where the characters are, but not so much that the reader loses intrest.

6 ) This is a really important one. Do not take offence if someone criticizes your fiction. They are doing so because they feel that it could do with some additional points, not because they are being nasty. (If it is something like "lol u cant rite" then disregard it, as such people should fall off the face of the earth...twice.)

7 ) Make sure your characters have depth. A character that does not react to major events in the fiction is an incredibly boring protagonist for the reader to observe. Perhaps your character is hot headed, and charges into battle without a thought? Perhaps he is largelty quiet, but has a cold interior that is unleashed in the thick of a crisis? Toy around with your character before you start writing, imagining what they would do in certain situations.

8 ) Please don't start a fanfic off the top of your head, because more often than not, it will get incredibly tedious if your character is partaking in a load of random events, and then you just get bored of writing it, wishing that you had not started it off so hastily, and PM a mod to clean it up.

8.5 ) Don't write pointlessly long sentences like the one above.

9 ) Have fun writing your fic. There is no point in writing if you aren't going to enjoy it.

Here is an example of writing that I do not want to see (or anyone else for that matter.)

Gary went over to ash and sent out pidgeot. ash was scared and sent out blastois. blastoise used water gun but pidgeot had killed it because it had missed. then ash sent out pikachu and it used thunderbolt and killed pidgeot with thunder. trhen gary was upset and ran away and then...

some random Moderator came along and locked it. This sort of writing is atrocious. It has no evident plot, the characters have no depth and punctuation and spelling are of the standard that makes you want to vomit.

Just realised that I didn't actually provide a good example of a Fanfic. I won't post someone's story, nor will I provide a link, but I will quickly post something so that people can use it as an example:

Good Fanfic wrote:
"Maxie, no!" cried Archie. "If you do, then-" he was cut short as Maxie through the Blue Orb straight up. With an anguished cry, Archie ran forward, but it was too late; the Orb fell, and shattered on the ground. It echoed around the large cavern that they were in, and the lava in the centre began to boil.

"What have you done?!" Archie yelled, and shook Maxie by his collar. The Leader of Magma was emotionless.

All he said was, "What I had to. Now, the world will become pure once again."

As the words were uttered, the magma suddenly shut up into the air, and with a terrifying screech, a large red Pokemon was revealed. The lava slipped from its body, and it clenched its great paws, threw back its head and roared.

"Groudon!" exulted Maxie. "With the power of the Orb of-" A blast of fire erupted from Groudon's mouth, and the glare from the atack caused Archie to shiled his eyes. When he looked again, there was nothing but a charred body, and the strong smell of burnt flesh.

Groudon turned its withering gaze upon Archie, but the Leader of Aqua stood firm. He took out a ball, and released his Crawdaunt. For a moment, there was no sound save for the faint hiss as Maxie's body began to cool down. Then the two Pokemon launched themselves at one another...

I know, tis nothing special, but that is a more than acceptable sort of fanfic that I would like to see here. ;) Of course, that was just a hypothetical part of a sfanfic, that would not do well for a beginning, though you might be able to get away with it, providing that you can explain what had led up to that fairly simply. But that might be difficult, treat the above fic as if I had plucked it from a random book.

If you have anything else to add, throw it in a post below and I will edit it in if needs be.



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