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 Apply to join + Posting in the right place 
Obsidian X
Team Spectre Leader/Moderator

Joined: 02 Mar 2007
Posts: 94
Location: Hades
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Upon thinking about it, I realised that there is no real way to determine who is in each forum. So, if you want to join Team Spectre, PM me asking to join. I will reply, and you add to the list below (which is looking very empty.)

Current Members:

Obsidian X: Leader

Also, a note to those who are NOT part of the team, and post here anyway, I will delete your post with no warning. It's your problem if you haven't read this thread and applied, so don't go complaining that "sum random mod deletid my pots" becuase you have been warned. I don't want non members spamming this place up, okay?

Any questions can also be posted here, or PM me directly.

Thank you.

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Team Shadow Leader/Moderator

Joined: 10 Mar 2007
Posts: 25
Location: L347
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Sorry to post here Obs but feel free to delete it after you read it.
If you as the leader of the team want to know who is on your team or who has applied to join simply go into the usergroups link at the top of the page and select veiw info on your team and from there you can see who's a member accept new applicants and ban who you want to ban.

You may have known this already but just to be safe ;)

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JB Spaggles
Team Luminous Leader/ Moderator

Joined: 12 Mar 2007
Posts: 41
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Yeah, I don't really get this.. Is it fact that anyone can post in any team's forum? If so, it would take a lot of effort to restrain everyone from posting and it sort of ruins the entire idea of teams.
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